3D Puzzle Game

This was a fun project and the idea was to learn OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. OpenGL is a cross-language, application programming interface suitable for designing “frame-based” programs. This is for rendering 3D (and of course 2D) vector graphics which interacts with GPU to achieve hardware-accelerated rendering.

This game has a 3D view of the puzzle board which the view of the camera can be changed by arrow keys and the puzzle pieces can be moved by w,a,s and d¬†keys. Figure1 shows the graphic interface of this game. You can change the picture of both puzzle and the board by putting you desired picture instead of pictures which are already there, named “face.bmp” and “background.bmp”. If you want to change the picture you should save them with 24-bit BMP format with the same size.

figure1. 3D puzzle game graphic interface


Source Codes

Microsoft Visual Studio Project
Note: The executable file is in the project folder under “Debug” folder with the name “texture.exe”. In order to run this game in addition to Microsoft .Net framework you will need “glut32.dll”. I have put the installer file in the project folder, you will just need to follow usual installation procedures.

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